Gould, Cohen and the Canadian identity: “Canadian shield of the soul”

Hands on rock (Canadian Shield) – 2011

Canada suffers from an identity crisis, and we perpetually debate the question: “what is Canadian identity?” (sigh, it even has its own Wikipedia entry).

But I’d say music writer Robert Harris has put the matter to bed in this tribute to Leonard Cohen and pianist Glen Gould at the 2012 Glen Gould Awards in Toronto:

“Maybe we’re not a timid, tightly trapped between Empires, hesitant and icy. Maybe we’re what Gould and Cohen both were and are – passionate, powerful, ironic, yes… but with something immensely valuable the world responds to: An understanding of depth, of the bedrock of feeling, a Canadian Shield of soul that is quiet and contemplative, enduring.”

(via: Leonard Cohen: A specialist in longing, loving, losing beautifully, theglobeandmail.com)


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