“Best of” the “best of” kids lit list 2012

Being Frank by Donna W. Earnhardt; illustrated by Andrea Castellani (Source: 100 Scope Notes)

Best toenail clipping?

The most disgusting moment in a picture book?

Best use of blue legos?

Most depressed children’s lit character?

Best bookmark? Worst bookmark?

Best “best of” list? My vote goes to 100 Scope Notes offbeat and interesting look back at the world of children’s literature in 2012.

100 Scope Notes is a blog curated by Travis Jonker, an elementary school librarian (of course!), who is one of my most trusted sources for news and reviews about children’s literature.

I encourage you to check out his list, and his blog – but here’s a taste:

“Best book video of the year” for Much Better Nowabout a bookmark stuck in a forgotten book, and its unexpected journey.

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