Snowflakes for Sandy Hook

UPDATE: Sandy Hook is literally snowed under with snowflakes! Due to the great response, they are not accepting any more donations!

Go here for up-to-date information about the Sandy Hook snowflake drive and other ways to help:

Photo: A fine little day

There are no words to express the deep and collective sorrow over the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School last week.

But there is a little something we can do to let the Sandy Hook families know we care, and brighten the lives of those children who survived: let’s heed the Connecticut Parent-Teacher-Student Association’s request to fill the school with paper snowflakes. Their goal is to create a winter wonderland for the students returning to school after the holidays.

Make and send your snowflakes by January 12, 2013 to:

Snowflakes for Sandy Hook
Connecticut PTSA
60 Connolly Parkway
Building 12, Suite 103
Hamden, CT  06514

Here is how to make a paper snowflake:

  1. Start with a piece of square paper — plain white paper, origami paper and newspaper, any paper as long as it’s not too thick.
  2. Fold your square in half diagonally.
  3. Fold your triangle in half again diagonally.
  4. Fold paper in thirds … one side to the front, the other to the back. This part is tricky, so you might want to check out the video below.
  5. Trim the extra piece of paper off the end of your small triangle.
  6. Around the outside of your triangle, cut your designs — circles, squares, triangles, squiggles … anything goes.
  7. Unfold your paper and look at your masterpiece.

This video is helpful:


    • I know, it’s unthinkable. I am grateful the school is giving people an opportunity to express their support and love. It is a generous act on their part. I hope the place is flooded with snowflakes and love.

      On 19 December 2012 15:14, Lost and Found Books

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