Pretty posters promote literacy

Scholastic books invited twelve outstanding children’s illustrators to create their artistic interpretations of the global literacy campaign, “Read Every Day. Lead a Better Life.”

The results are breathtakingly beautiful and showcase the unique talents of these artists:

1. Mary GrandPré (illustrator of Harry Potter books):


2. John J Muth (author/illustrator of The Three Questions, Stone Soup, Zen Shorts):


3. Barbara McClintock (author/illustrator of The Heartaches of a French Cat, Adele and Simon, Dahlia):


4. Sean Qualls (illustrator of Giant Steps to Change The World, Little Cloud and Lady Wind, Before John Was a Jazz Giant):


You can see (and purchase – US only, sadly) all the posters at the Scholastic website. 60% of funds go to support literacy. I think they would make great end-of-year teacher’s gifts (I wish they shipped to Canada!!)

One comment

  1. I just got it (sort of a duh to self moment!)…….the illustrations (and posters) made old books so very special! They made my imagination soar and i became part of their world. As a kid, I loved Enid Blyton’s Brer Rabbit and still do. ~ Radhika 🙂

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