C is for Cherry

“C is for Cherry. Mary Poppins, with her Carpet-bag and umbrella, is strolling along the lane with the Children. The Cherry trees Cover them with shade, and the Cherries drop into their mouths.”

~P.L. Travers, Mary Poppins from A to Z


A sure sign of spring: our gnarled old cherry tree is in full bloom. A world away, but the same in spirit, is 17 Cherry Tree Lane in London: Home of the Banks children, and their infamous nanny Mary Poppins, where “cherries drop into their mouths” and “the stars light candles in the sky.”

cherry mary poppins

cherry drawing poppins

From: Mary Poppins: From A to Z (Harcourt, Inc., 1962) by P.L. Travers with drawings by Mary Shepard

Happy Spring one and all!

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