Are picture books important?

From: Giant Steps to Change The World

“Yes, picture books are important. In a world heavy with mobile devices, social media and an insane deluge of apps and products promising us an easier/better life, picture books afford a much needed opportunity for parent and child to bond, share, and learn together. They give rise to and validate the grand imaginings of our pint size population.

For children, picture books provide a window onto the world; a way for them to delve into an array of situations, cultures and histories, to explore shapes, forms, line and color juxtaposed with words. Picture books give a child a sense of who they are in the world and who they may become.

Just like the children who read them, by their very nature, picture books are important and a world without them is not worth imagining.”

~Sean Qualls, children’s illustrator/artist

Illustration by Sean Qualls, from Giant Steps to Change The World

Quote via Picture Book Month


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