“I wouldn’t dream of eating cake without ice cream”

Weekend workshop:

1. Build a sand cake (the taller the better)

2. Garnish with shells, stones and flowers

3. Share with someone you love

4. Don’t forget the ice cream

sandcake image kuskin 2

sandcake kuskin1

From the book In the Middle of the Trees (Harper and Row, 1958) by Karla Kuskin.

Ms. Kuskin (1932-2009) is an award-winning author, illustrator and book reviewer, loved for her whimsical, child-like prose and drawings. She authored and illustrated dozens of books, including The Philharmonic Gets Dressed and A Space Story (which I wrote about here).


  1. I love this – beautiful bucket-loads of the essence of childhood days and imagination, captured in both pictures and words! I’d not heard of Karla Kuskin before. Thank you for introducing me to her work… I’m so enjoying exploring your blog – really glad to have found it!


    • Thank you for the kind words Melanie. Karla Kuskin is fairly new to me too – but now that I’ve discovered her, I am smitten. Sadly, she is deceased, but I think she’d be happy that readers continue to enjoy her work. I look forward to checking out your blog now!

  2. It seems to me that these blog entries need to reach more people, because they sure have a great impact on my day. what jewels of finds you choose, and a smile or even a happy tear comes to my eye. Really! Enough oohing and ahhing, just sayin’. 😉

    • Thanks Sarah. Very kind words. I just topped 100 followers, and I get lots of views every day. I actually started this just for me to explore writing and have a bit of fun, so I’m happy that anyone visits at all!

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