A.B.C. It’s easy as 1.2.3.

“The man who has taught the ABCs to his pupils has accomplished a greater deed than a general who has won a battle.”

~Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz,  (1646-1716), German philosopher and mathematician

Librarian reads to a group of children in Northern Ontario, Canada (1930-1960) Credit: Canada. Dept. of Manpower and Immigration / Library and Archives Canada

Learning to read is not always easy. But it should be fun. Thanks to all the hard-working and dedicated teachers, librarians and educators who help our children discover the magic of reading and the beauty of books.

Here’s a very danceable Jackson 5 song — about learning — to help put the fun into your child’s back-to-school routine (a great way to start the day!):

[photo credit: Canada. Dept. of Manpower and Immigration / Library and Archives Canada]


  1. Thank you Ann,What a lovely post and I agree, reading should be fun. After walking and talking, reading to me is the next important thing to learn. My youngest son is very dyslectic and I used to work with dyslectic children. The process of learning to read is even more magical and rewarding than. ♥ Johanna

    • Hi Johanna, Thank you for your interesting comment. I can only imagine what it’s like to “unlock the code” (as my daughter’s teacher calls it) when you have a learning disability. I imagine you were a wonderful teacher!

  2. reading just happened to me, do not know when or how! when i noticed how much enjoyment, my husband, Bob, got out of reading, I deceided to give it at a try, and I)ve never looked back. My spelling has not improved. love your blogs, your father is sp proud of you. cheers myrt

  3. Here in the U.S., our Public Broadcasting station did a special on the life of author Louisa May Alcott. One of the great scenes that this post reminded me of, was when her father crawled down onto the floor and helped her make their bodies into letters of the alphabet. Talk about creativity and home schooling! Great stuff, again. Kudos to your blog and the depth of your posts.

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