P is for Pretty Penguins

Books are dead.


It’s just not happening. The advent of e-readers (herein to be called plastic books) has only served to highlight the beauty, readability and craftsmanship of paper books. And seems to be encouraging creative new releases of beloved classics. Like the delectable Penguin Drop Caps series — “a series of twenty-six collectible hardcover editions of fine works of literature, each featuring on its cover a specially commissioned illustrated letter of the alphabet by type designer Jessica Hische.”










Only $22 for some of the finest works of literature packaged in beautiful works of art. That’s how much you pay for a coffee and a cupcake in my neighbourhood.

No, I’m not on the Penguin  payroll. But…I wouldn’t say no if they offered. Not that they have offered. But if anyone from Penguin is reading this…(you know what I’m saying!) 😉

(source: Penguin Classics)


  1. Real Books…in like forever!!!
    I never realized that the beautiful editions printed nowadays are the ‘competition’ for the e-reader. Ha, lucky us!
    ps I do think that Penguin should contact you;0)

    • He he! Yes, I am sure Penguin and I would get along very well. I do think that books are getting a boost thanks to the e-reader. They are becoming beautiful objects and gifts, while the e-reader is for mass consumption. Experts say they are going to share the market, not block each other out.

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