The Jane Austen Quiz: Which character are you?

If I were a Jane Austen character, I’d be Elizabeth Bennet (the heroine of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice).

elizabeth bennet pride and prejudice photo 2

I can totally relate to Lizzy. She is honest, loyal, and incurably romantic: she believes in marrying only for love. But (like me) she is not without her faults: she is outspoken, opinionated and judges people harshly without having all the facts. And like Lizzy, I will admit to being called an “obstinate, headstrong girl!” more than once. Not such a bad thing to be really.


She is passion, while her Mr. Darcy is reason. Very much like my man and I. It is a beautiful balance, a happy dance.


Which character are you most like? Go here to take the Jane Austen Quiz.


  1. It’s Jane Austen’s 238th birthday today! I guess that is why you published this post, unless it was due to serendipitous timing. 🙂 I got Marianne Dashwood in the quiz. I don’t think that is very accurate; I’m somewhat more level-headed than Marianne. I usually get Elizabeth when I do Jane Austen quizzes. I think I’m a mix of Elinor Dashwood, Elizabeth Bennet with maybe a bit of Marianne.

  2. Fascinating.. I was sure I was Ellzabeth B, and Marianne Dashwood has always irritated me – so discovering that’s my nearest fit, is psychologically intriguing, since we tend to resist what we haven’t accepted in ourselves !!!

  3. What a joy this post is, being a ‘Jane Austen girl’. Of course, I did the quiz and found out to my relief, I was not Lady Catherine de Bourgh but… Ann Elliott! Ha, I am all for second chances and I do hope I have her ‘ elegance of mind and sweetness of character’ ;0) I would not have been surprised if Elinor Dashwood had proved a match with her practical nature. Hugs from Ohio, my dear!

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