Goodnight super moon

“The moon. Even though we know it’s coming. Every time we see it, it makes us pause, and hush.” ― Margaret Atwood, MaddAddam (2013)


Look out your window tonight and you might see a super-sized, golden ball blazing in the sky. That’s not just any full moon, that’s a rare ‘super moon’ (or ‘honey moon’), which appears larger and brighter than usual. The super moon came out early this morning, but experts say we can see it again tonight and possibly Saturday night.

Sky gazing figures prominently in the work of Jessie Willcox Smith, one of my favourite book illustrators (whom I’ve written about here). That is her lovely illustration above, and here are a few more to get you in the mood for tonight:


Find out more about the super moon at National Geographic and Universe Today.


  1. Anne, lovely post! I love staring at the moon and the Honey Moon is one of the special ones. Weather and garden were perfect and I gazed at the summer night in delight.
    Kindred spirits again: I love Jessie Willcox Smith. Thank you again,my dear! Have a great weekend!

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