Experience the power of a “bookbook”

“It’s not a digital book. Or an ebook. It’s a bookbook…The first thing to note is no cables. Not even a power cable. The 2015 Ikea catalogue comes fully charged, and the battery life is eternal.”

I love the IKEA catalogue. Correction. I am in love with the Ikea catalogue.

I anticipate its arrival in my mailbox every August. I giddily leaf through its pages, oohing and aahing at the beauty it contains. I dream about organizing all of my daughter’s toys in colourful bins. I marvel at the tidy kitchens and those happy families laughing and talking over a healthy bowl of muesli.

Cuddled up under my warm IKEA duvet, I peruse the pages through the long winter months. Sure, sometimes it breaks my heart, especially when I see they’ve discontinued my favourite item (how could you do it to me, again, IKEA??). But I never throw a catalogue out.


IKEA has come out with a new advertisement to promote their 2015 catalogue. It’s a very funny parody of the tablet computer (specifically, the iPad).

Take a look:

Great advertising, and a brilliant bit of technical writing (my new found career). It’s also a clever reminder of the beautiful simplicity of the paper book.

And as far as books go, the IKEA catalogue is about as popular as they come. This year, IKEA printed 217 million copies worldwide. It is distributed to more than 40 countries in 30 languages. First published in 1945, it remains IKEA’s primary marketing tool.

Long live the bookbook!


  1. I lived in Sweden for 5 yrs in the 1980s and fell in love with IKEA… all these years later in America I still love them, great advert, fun post ! As I recall this is a Swedish business that started in someone’s garage! I love putting together Ikea furniture as well.

  2. Ha Anne, kindred spirits as usual…not only do we share the love for the printed word…but also for IKEA and the catalogue. I do love thrifting but IKEA is my favorite store to buy new! And I pre-shop with friends in The Netherlands and sons in Canada…all from the same catalogue. Oh joy! xoxo Johanna
    ps and indeed, we have to contact Sweden about the pitiful decisions IKEA makes in discontinuing certain items!!!

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