Merry Bookmas: Christmas penguins, pledges, puns and picks

GIF-header-image-2-636x310Are you feeling festive yet? Publishers, authors and bookstores are all a twitter about the holidays. I’ve selected some of my favourite book news and bookish delights to help you get in mood.

Let’s start in Paris (because…it’s Paris):

1. Shakespeare and Company~Everyone’s favourite bookstore has decked its halls with books and holly, as well as caroling and book readings (December events list here).


“As Paris grows whiter and more wintry, it feels snugger and cosier than ever inside the shop. And we have a glowing events line-up this month to tempt you in from the chilly streets…” ~Shakespeare & Co., Dec. 2014

2. Chronicle Books~This publisher’s “give books” campaign is a win-win for book lovers: For every shopper who pledged to buy from a local bookseller, Chronicle donated a book to a child in need through First Book. They reached their goal of 10,000 books in one day (read more here).


3. Penguin Books~Of course, the world’s most famous penguin is getting in on the act:


And check out Penguin’s “under the tree” blog, which features gift suggestions (here).

4. Bloomsbury Books~Their popular video (shared on Twitter with great glee by Margaret Atwood and Neil Gaiman) features quotes from famous authors expressing, “that feeling that only reading a great book can give.”

5. Fun with words~Publishers and book lovers are tweeting book titles with a holiday twist, using the hashtag #holidaylit. Here are a few, probably written after a few drinks at a Christmas party:

“The Grapes of Wreath”

“Frankincense and Sensibility”

“A Sale In Two Cities’

“Fifty Shades of Gravy”

“Of Mice and Menorah”

“Much Ado About Nutmeg”

“The Importance of Being Eggnog”

6. New York Times best picks of 2014~Christmas would not be Christmas without “best of” book lists, especially those compiled by the editors of the The New York Times Book Review:

  • Notable books for adults (here)
  • Notable books for children (here)
Jon McNaught

Take heart. Spending hours browsing bookstores in the guise of “Christmas shopping” doesn’t sound so bad, does it?


  1. There is a second hand bookshop not far from where I live; it has the most wonderful collection of books. I could spend all day in there. The books are all in beautiful condition so they make wonderful gifts.

  2. Oh Anne!!! This is the BEST Christmas post I have seen!!! I have watched the video already twice whilst I should have been preparing for the long list of errands to be run today;0) And husband and I laughed out loud over breakfast when I read the Christmas ‘booklist’ to him…indeed in must be eggnog induced;0)
    Thanks for all tips and beautiful pictures and ideas. Have a very, merry weekend xoxoxoxo

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