Sunny ways: Literary landmarks of Ottawa


It was a perfect fall day yesterday. So I decided to skip the bus, and walk home along Wellington: this mighty street is home to our Parliament, Supreme Court, Press Gallery, and Library and Archives Canada.

It was in front of library and archives that I saw my favourite couple decked out in a bright orange bow tie and boa (do you think they voted NDP?).


The “Secret Bench of Knowledge” is a popular Ottawa landmark–a monument to love and knowledge–sculpted by Lea Vivot. If you look a little closer you will see engravings of 100 messages about the joy of reading, contributed by writers and book lovers from across

DSC02318 (2)

DSC02318 (3)

I was pleased to see the splash of colour adorning this beloved literary landmark.


But there is reason to celebrate. Last week, winds of change blew across Canada. We rejected the politics of hatred, and embraced the message of hope (my friend Cole wrote eloquently about it here). Corny as it sounds, it is better than the alternative.

When political change comes, we feel it keenly in this government town.

Many locals are hoping to see our library and archives (as well as the CBC) returned to its former glory. Maybe once again it will be the centre of cultural life in our town, buzzing with librarians and literary events.

I know one thing is certain: Love is in the air. And it feels good.DSC02319


  1. Lovely, Booksy! I do miss strolling past that bench and its wonderful message. Thank you for linking- I’m hopeful that things will shape up and get us back to where we both want and need to be as a country. Happy November! xo

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