Lost and Found Books explores the world of books, the spaces they inhabit, and our relationship to them. I’m also documenting Ottawa-area bookstores and libraries.

The name refers to my love of discovering old books, lost and found at second hand bookstores. It also refers to my dyslexic weaknesses and strengths: something lost, something found.

As a dyslexic reader, this blog is meant to be a safe space for readers of all abilities.


All the content you find here is carefully conceived, researched and written by Lost and Found Books, unless otherwise stated. Please give credit if you’ve used anything I’ve created here.

You can also follow me on Twitter @lostfoundbooks — where I post literary news, photographs, and anything that catches my fancy.

Thank you for visiting.


  1. I love bookstores too. If I’m out in the city and need a quiet moment to collect my thoughts, I usually head straight to a bookstore and find a quiet corner. As well as helping us to empathize, I think books contain anti-anxiety properties! And I really enjoy public radio too. I’m in the UK but I listen to a lot of NPR via iTunes podcasts. This American Life is one of my favourite programs, as well as Radiolab and Freakonomics.

    • Hello Grace! Oh to be in England! Such lovely bookstores, so no wonder you love them so much. Thank you for visiting my blog. I love your blog as well, and I love the gingko’s in your header. We have 4 gingko’s in our yard…such funny, pretty trees.

      • Thank you! I was thinking about changing my header. It’s not a special one, just the one which was on the WordPress template I chose when I started blogging a couple of years ago. But I like the gingkos too and I’m reluctant to change it!

  2. Hi Ann
    I’ve just found your blog and enjoying it very much: do have a look at mine, Books Now! http://www.dinaross.com,au. My most recent post is Confessions of a Bibliophile which I hope you’ll like – I’m trying to post twice weekly but sometimes life gets in the way…..

  3. So pleased to have stumbled across you on the Matilda Project blog, which I love. Your blog is great and I’m looking forward to reading future posts. Nice to meet you

  4. I imagine you’ve found some pretty amazing things in your search. If you happen to find an old (I mean really old) copy of Jane Eyre, I would be happy to take it off your hands. 😉 I have get to come across one. But like you, I always gravitate towards the book section in antique shops and thrift stores. You never know what you might find. Or find within the pages of books you’ve purchased…

    • Hello! Thanks for your comment. I would also love to find an old copy of Jane Eyre!! I am no expert, I just like the fun of exploring and sometimes finding treasures. Can you imagine what interesting things that used booksellers find in books that come into their stores?? One of my favourites is a bookstore owner whom posts what he finds here: http://www.forgottenbookmarks.com

      • Thank you for replying! I was kidding about finding me a copy. I will search for one, and if all else fails, there is always eBay.
        Thanks for the link, I will have to comb through the site. That last thing I found in a book (A small paperback copy of Jane Eyre, actually) was a black and white autographed photo of famous baseball player Gail Hopkins from the White Sox, KC Royals, and the Dodgers. I thought it was pretty cool. I can only imagine what else you could find:)

  5. Hi lafb. I decided to post re Miriam’s post today instead of next week. You may be notified because there is a link to you in it. Keep reading. James

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