The First Snow: A silence deep and white

first snow image copy The first snow. That magical morning when you wake up and everything is covered in a white blanket…the sky an icy grey… IMG_8088 I’m not quite ready for winter. I’m ready in all the practical ways–the garden is put to bed, and my daughter thankfully left the house covered from head-to-toe this morning. But I’m not ready for the cold, and the icy driving.

But I’ve been heartened by a lovely blogger-friend today: Mrs. Walker has posted some amazing photos of a hawk in her yard, new mittens and getting her garden ready for winter (here).

My contribution to looking at the joyful side of winter–this pretty little poem and illustration from my favourite vintage reader Gateways to Bookland (1938): first snow copy 2 And a big thanks to Mrs. Walker for these lovely hand-knit slippers…keeping my feet warm on this cold day here in Ottawa! IMG_7954


  1. Dear Anne, poor girl, snow already! I know you are not too keen on winter, so it is a great comfort to me to know your feet warm at least…
    And what a lovely, lovely poem. You have done it again: found something delightful and interesting! I followed up on the assignment on the bottom: I carefully noticed all the magical changes on my way to school.
    Thank your for your kind words, hugs from Ohio, Johanna.

    • I was a bit grumpy when I woke up to all this snow, but your post cheered me up. Plus the slippers. 🙂

      I love the little assignments in this reader–I will do more on it.

      Today it is cold. Really cold.

      Stay warm!

  2. I’m not sure I’ll ever be ready for snow, but the thought of big woolly jumpers, comfort food and mulled wine is making the transitional idea of it a little easier ! Keep warm.

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