Together on Tuesdays: Black Squirrel Books Take 2

“What I say is, a town isn’t a town without a bookstore. It may call itself a town, but unless it’s got a bookstore it knows it’s not fooling a soul.”

~Neil Gaiman, American Gods (2001)


Every Tuesday, after school, my daughter and I hang out together. Just the two of us. Most days we have a snack and head to our favourite new/old bookstore: Black Squirrel Books in Old Ottawa South.

I’ve written about Black Squirrel before, and it’s good news for Ottawa that they’ve opened a second store. This location is situated across from the historic Mayfair Theatre.


Inside, it’s warm and inviting. The walls are neatly lined with bookshelves for browsing good quality second-hand books. There’s a couch and tables that invite you to sit and stay awhile.


The store smells good. It’s hard to describe–but I’ll try: A mix of pine and paper with a pinch of coffee perhaps?

So we stay awhile and read, and usually go home with a stack of books. This time a graphic novel for her, a book of poetry for me. It’s lovely time spent together. And the drive home is full of chatter about books, ideas and “what shall we read at bedtime tonight, mommy?”


As I’ve said far too many times, Ottawa is sadly lacking in indie bookstores so it’s great to see a good one growing.



Black Squirrel Books

1073 Bank Street


508 Bank Street

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


  1. now this is a squirrel I do like!!! What a great store. And your little girl so delighfully with her books. My oldest son is coming to Cincinnati in about two weeks and I made list of second hand bookstores to explore….I hope to find one as nice as this one! xoxox Johanna

    • Johanna, Check out Duttenhofer’s in Clifton and the Ohio Bookstore on Main St. downtown. Also, there used to be one on Mt. Lookout Square but the name escapes me. Happy (American) Thanksgiving! 😉

      • Well isn’t that nice, to meet you here again;0) I have not been to Duttenhofer’s yet but have it the list. The other two I had not found out yet, thank you so much!! The one in Mount Look Out is called the Dust Jacket. Thanks to both kindred spirits, Anne and Ben!!! And yes, Happy Thanks Giving too

  2. Lovely post! And bonus points for the Neil Gaiman quote! If there’s any place more inviting than a good book store, I’ve yet to find it 😉 Cheers, Ben

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