Imperfect manifesto


I love the Imperfect Manifesto by Australian fabric artist and designer Julie Paterson.

She wrote it “one slow and relaxed Sunday afternoon and it has now become the guiding principle for her life and business.”

The emphasis on imperfection. Creating. Simplicity. Forgotten things. Tea. Books. It’s all there.

It’s a nice manifesto to keep in mind as we start another (cold & bleak) week.

Sunday night? The end of the weekend or the start of something new? Let’s try the latter.



  1. What a treasure, I am so happy you brought this to our attention!!! Thank you dear Anne, and find lots of happy things to do in your cold bleak winter…Spring will come! xoxo Johanna

    • I’m glad you like it! You are someone who creates, and is mindful, so it could be your manifesto too! Yes, soon we will have warmth….not too long, so I will try and enjoy winter while it is here. 😉

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